An Ethical Company

Committed to doing the right thing

We want to be the best company we can be, not just for the quality of our services and our customer care, but in regards to the environment, the people who work for us and anyone affected by what we do.

At Cleanway, safety always comes first

In our business, safety is crucial. That’s why, in the interest of our employees, the people in your organisation and the general public, we take a highly proactive stance when its comes to health and safety. Not only do we comply with all legislation regarding safety, we’re always looking at new ways to improve safety procedure. Every member of our staff undergoes in-depth health and safety training as part of their induction programme.

So, it should come as no surprise, when it comes to safety, our record is second-to-none.

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Choose the sustainable option

It’s a philosophy we extend to the environment too. We’re always looking at new way of reducing the ecological impact our business has. So, when you choose Cleanway, you’re choosing the greener cleaner.

We will continue to look at new ways to drive the future growth of our company sustainably and work with our clients to help preserve the environment for future generations.

An employer of choice

We aim to be as open and honest with our employees as we are with our clients. After all, our people are the public face of Cleanway and we can only attract and retain the best people if we respect the people who work for us. As part of this commitment we respect equality and diversity within our staff.

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Recent Projects

Dublin Terminal 2Dublin Terminal 1

We recently under took the task of overhauling Dublin's Terminal 1 under strict deadlines, we delivered on time and within budget.

Dublin Terminal 2Dublin Terminal 2

We recently under took the task of preparing Dublin's Terminal 2 for passengers working with tight deadlines this was achieved on time.

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